About Us

AdVentura Works, a Swiss technology company based in Morges, VD is exploring a new frontier in remote warehouse operations.

Humans and technology combined have the potential to transform the way we live and work. Our mission is to unlock new business opportunities for our clients and be a reliable partner on their digital transformation journey.

We are here to level up warehouses and distributors in the face of vast staff shortages by providing MHaaS (material handling as a service). Our remotely operated forklift trucks provide warehouse  operators flexibility, safety and cost saving.

The vast data generated from our material handling technology data will  also help to optimise slotting processes and make warehouses more  efficient.

We believe in customer-centricity and the scientific approach to innovation management  - forming business networks and collaborating to stay agile and solve business problems quickly.

The team

Alex Manolov

Co-founder and CEO

Alex is an experienced product and innovation leader, founder, investor, and advisor with an international career spanning multiple industries over 20 years. He has worked for global brands like Carlsberg and Expedia as well as several early-stage tech start-ups. Alex has significant experience in driving customer discovery and bringing new products to market.

Nikolai Penkov

Co-founder and CTO

Nick has over two decades of experience in designing and developing large scale complex information systems. He has created and led high performing engineering teams in large corporate and start up settings. Nick has worked for companies like Honeywell, Accenture, and Coca Cola Hellenic and was a co-founder of Zest Labs.