Improve operational efficiencies in your warehouse

Leading with a data-first approach, we will help you make vast improvements to business performance and put you on the path to achieving operational excellence.

  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Improve slotting processes
  • Increase throughput
  • Save costs
  • Reduce product damage

How it works

Over 4 weeks, we will examine process insights within your warehouse. We will then give you actionable recommendations to save costs, improve productivity and create efficiencies:

  • We will analyse your existing procedures and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Our experienced consultants will share detailed findings along with an action plan to improve productivity.
  • Your local team will continue to receive project management follow-ups from us.
  • We encourage a culture of idea sharing, the best insights often come from members of your team.

Our experts

Will Jacobs

Lead To Success Founder

Will is the founder and managing partner of LeadToSuccess, a bespoke advisory, coaching and training firm based in The Netherlands. Will’s background in general management, strategy, and supply chain helps him assist leaders to become authorities in their respective industries.

Carlos Cordon

Professor at IMD

Carlos is professor of Digital Strategy and Supply Chain Management at IMD. He works also as a consultant to help multinational companies to develop their digital strategies and operations roadmap. He is the author of numerous articles has won numerous prizes for his cases and articles on digital, supply chain management and process management.

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