Material Handling as a Service for logistics and industrial companies

With our proprietary technology, we are helping to tackle employee shortages and improve material handling throughput in any type of environment.

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Human-robot collaboration


More scaleable than manual forklift driving


More agile than autonomous vehicles

We convert your existing forklifts into smart remotely operated machines assisted by sensors and a 360° video feed. Supported by our proprietary AI driver-assist systems, our highly qualified remote operators are always available to move the materials in your warehouse safely and efficiently at any hour of the day.

All services integrate with your warehouse management software to enable collaboration between local and remote teams.

There is an unprecedented shortage of forklift drivers


increase for 1m+ sq ft units

Warehousing demands are increasing


shortfall in forklift drivers

Widespread forklift driver shortages


increase in forklift driver pay

Driver shortage leading to higher costs

These stats are for the UK market but other European countries are also facing the same problem. Industry is thriving but the knock-on effect is that warehousing demands are increasing.

Since recruiting forklift operators has proven to be a challenge, we have turned to technology to solve this common problem faced by many warehouses and factories across the world.

Adventura Works can help you overcome skills shortages and save up to 40% on material handling costs.

Where can you make savings?

Start with AWReview® - our business assessment program

Developed by industry experts, we use a data-first approach to analyse your existing processes and identify opportunities for improvement.

Qualified remote drivers on demand

We can provide you with an expert forklift task force as and when you need it. Let us be part of your remote material handling team and you can outsource your 'heavy lifting' needs. Through embracing driverless warehouse operations, you'll be helping to transform the future of logistics.

As well as having skilled drivers on demand, you can expect a vast reduction in overheads as well as freedom in the knowledge that you have complete flexibility to scale up our services if your workload increases.

Qualified labour

Qualified drivers

Skilled drivers available to connect with remotely

Lower costs

Lower costs

Minimise headcount and training overheads

Scale up

Scale up flexibly

Remote drivers only when you need them

AI driven efficiency

AI is helping us to develop the next generation in Material Handling as a Service technology. We provide the distinct blend of autonomy and human skill suited to unstructured environments. While forklift trucks are operated by qualified remote drivers, we're also developing the AI capabilities to enhance the service, resulting in more efficient warehouse operations.

In the face of escalating costs, Material Handling as a Service can help to improve productivity and make significant cost savings within your warehouse. You can also expect to improve your material throughput by 50%.

Safe and secure

Safety is our utmost priority when operating our material handling service and we go to great lengths to remove risks for your team. We have automatic systems in place to prevent accidents so you can be assured that your local workforce is never in danger. In order to eliminate human error, our forklifts are kitted with AI and sensors to automatically prevent collisions with both humans and objects.

What's more, every movement is tracked and recorded, thus reducing product damage and stolen goods.

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